Orange County Fat Grafting Cosmetic Procedure | Surgeon Dr. Tavoussi

The procedure that Dr. Tavoussi in Newport Beach, Orange County offers to remove mass from one area of the body to transfer into another is called fat grafting. It’s a highly effective way to conservatively slim fatty areas so that the patient can experience greater volume where it is desired. It lasts longer than hyaluronic acid, and it’s completely safe to use a substance that is naturally produced in the body.

Treatment Areas

Transferred fat can be used anywhere that a patient would otherwise request fillers to enhance their contours, such as the cheekbones. Facial wrinkles are a very popular treatment area because it creates a result that looks very natural, and it’s considerably less invasive than a traditional facelift. Patients request fat grafting from Dr. Tavoussi in the chin, cheekbones, lips, breasts, and buttocks the most often.

The Fat Grafting Procedure

Multiple treatment steps have to be performed carefully to complete the safe transfer of fat to the recipient site. Fat is removed from the abdomen, thigh, or another bulky area before it is prepared for the injection phase. Any unwanted substances are carefully removed so that there is less risk of complications that could delay the healing process. Fat is placed into the treatment area so that it can make contact with the healthy blood supply.

Aftercare and Recovery Time

The area that received the fat transfer might seem overly enhanced in the beginning because the doctor typically adds more than enough. Dr. Tavoussi finds that this helps with the final result once a percentage of the size is lost to reabsorption. Recovery should only take a couple of weeks at the sites that fat was removed and injected, unless there is a delay. Always watch for adverse symptoms and anticipate the possibility of additional treatments to achieve the desired size enhancement.