Newport Beach Fat Grafting ProceduresAccomplished plastic surgeon Dr. Mohsen Tavoussi has helped many individuals struggling with their self-image become more confident with his remarkable techniques. With a central location in Orange County, people can conveniently travel from Newport Beach and other nearby areas to get the help they desire from a surgeon that has a worldwide reputation. His specialties feature a broad range of procedures, such as fat grafting, ethnic rhinoplasty, tummy tuck, breast augmentation, and liposuction. Every patient has a different goal, and Dr. Tavoussi works diligently to find the very best treatment or combination of solutions to achieve the best result.

Working with Decades of Experience

Working alongside the doctor is a knowledgeable and caring staff that always treat every new patient as a member of the family. Rosie Ayala is an experienced consultant that has spent more than 15 years gaining knowledge of different treatments while working in the industry of cosmetic surgery. Most of the rejuvenation patients work with her to find the most beneficial anti-aging solutions for their face and body.

The Best Place For Fat Grafting Procedures

Fat grafting procedures are getting a lot of exposure lately as patients are learning about the long-term benefits of this procedure. Enhancing facial contours with liquid filler is a popular alternative to some invasive treatments, but the results are limited to only a few months. With fat grafts, the patient is going to retain a percentage of the volume permanently, so it’s easy to achieve the desired result over time. It also works for patients that want to enhance their buttocks or breasts without implant surgery.

The staff at the OC Cosmetic Surgery Clinique always stay current with industry techniques and the latest technology to ensure that patients are provided with the absolute best treatments. With the desire to make positive changes, Dr.Tavoussi is happy to provide any combination of facial and body procedures to help an individual work toward their specific goal.